Terms & Condition

A. I have read and understood all the terms and conditions of the Aaryans Commando Training Camp and hereby agree to abide by them. The information provided by me is true correct and authentic, to best of my knowledge.

B. I am aware that in case of misconduct of my child the authorities have the right to take any appropriate action.

C. I confirm that if I have not declared anything about any illness / disability / sickness the school shall consider such implied consent that the child to be totally fit for the camp and the responsibility of the same is upon me.

D. I hereby declare that my child is mentally and physically fit to attend the camp. If any problem persists that shall be entire my responsibility.

E. Though Management will take all precautionary and remedial measures, it is likely that the students may get hurt or meet with an accident/any mishap during the activities. I hereby agree not to hold the Management authority or anyone acting on its behalf responsible/ liable for any damages / expenses for any injury / loss incurred to the above named student during the course of the camp.

F. Our Management is committed to provide best experience to the kids (students) and will take all precautionary measures against COVID by following all the norms issued by local or state government authorities. In spite of this if any student is infected, the management will not be held responsible/liable for the same.